I Love My Feed Reader! – Thing 13

I was excited to investigate this topic because I had tried using an RSS feed on my class website but had been unsuccessful because I didn’t really understand how it worked.  After reading through Thing 13 and its links I set up a Feedly account and began looking for sites to follow.  I started perusing the Edublog Award winners blogs and found some that I loved and definitely wanted to follow.  I also searched by categories in Feedly and found a few more.  I did all this about two weeks ago and meant to write my blog about my experience right away.  The problem was each time I started I kept getting sidetracked by articles on the sites I am following. An hour or two later I would realize I still hadn’t put together my blog, but I had new things I wanted to try in my classroom instead!

Microsoft_clip_art-3As a professional development tool I love the feed reader.  I could not seem to create a tool that would work for my students, though.  In 5th grade social studies we have been studying Native American tribes as well as the Mayans, Aztecs and Incas.   I was hoping to create a feed reader that would funnel current articles on these topics such as new discoveries or blogs on current digs but I could not find what I was looking for.  I also tried the same type of thing for my 6th grade students.  Hopefully I will eventually find what I am looking for.