Making Connections – Bonus!

internet_note_takingI love hearing and seeing what other educators do.  I am constantly reading others blogs and sites and saving ideas or forwarding them, but I never comment.   I’ve looked at many of the blogs that participants have done this winter and it has often inspired me to look further into the topic. This topic is forcing me to to take a more active role within the online community.  I tried commenting on a few sights by signing in with my WordPress account with no luck.  I switched to my Google account and was finally successful.  I still haven’t figured out what the problem was.

I viewed  Library Crazy, and thought she had some good insights.  I liked the entry about Mapping and Geolocation because I had done that topic too.  I like hearing how others use the same tools.    Bri’s Cool Tools Blog was interesting and I especially took note of her curation tools entry.  The Infographics info on Tech For Your Classroom gave me a quick insight into the topic without doing the whole thing.  I did play with but I haven’t decided whether I will pursue  the topic further.  I checked out Teaching and Learning in a High School Library and I think I would like to try Adobe Slate with my students.

I am sure I will continue to scour the internet for new and innovative ideas for my classroom.  I don’t know that I have converted to commenting on everything I see, but maybe by occasionally sharing my thoughts I will develop a more useful and satisfying network.


Collaboration & Sharing – Thing 12

school_it_trioI was excited to start this topic.  With all of the shifts towards project based learning, inquiry projects, and collaboration between students this topic is great.  I did run into a problem because my school does not use Google Docs and my students do not have email.  It has been limiting my options and continued to do so as I checked out the ideas on the topic.  I did find a few things I am excited to use.

I loved TitanPad!  I can’t wait to use it with my students this week.  I think they will love it.  I like that they do not have to have an email to log on to it.  I think it would work great for responding to a reading when doing differentiated levels in class.  Each group could have a different pad to be sharing responses.  I think students that don’t participate as much will be lured in by the multi-colored response pad.  Technology always seems to excite even the most reluctant learner.

I found Popplet to be very engaging for elementary students.  I plan to use it on the SmartBoard to collaborate together to make popplets.  They can be used for a reading response, to categorize information and to reflect after a lesson.  I am hoping to get accounts for my students next year so they can make their own popplets.

I was intrigued by Stormboard.  I thought it would be great for students to respond to a topic or reading, especially if they needed to categorize their answers or thoughts.  After investigating and playing with it I established an educator account.  I then discovered that for my students to participate in my storm they had to establish an account using – you guessed it – an email address! How frustrating! Oh well.