Final Reflections – Thing 10

I have loved this learning experience.  I have investigated and experimented with so manyinternet_research different things.  My feed reader will continue giving me so many new ideas to explore.  Many of the sites I am following are about technology in education.  I used to comb the internet for new ideas now they come to me automatically.  My students are now blogging and I have improved the research section of my web site for my students with new search engines.

I am looking forward to using and  Google for Education with my students.  I realize that to fully utilize the benefits of Google will require more time, training and investigation on my part but I am excited.  I also plan to complete the following things before they disappear from view:

  • thing 8 – screen casting
  • thing 11 – coding
  • thing 16 – digital citizenship
  • thing 28 – emerging tech
  • thing 39 – news literacy

I think of myself as a lifelong learner and this has just been one part of a continuous journey.  Thank you and kudos to Polly Farrington for providing all these wonderful resources!


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