Collaboration & Sharing – Thing 12

school_it_trioI was excited to start this topic.  With all of the shifts towards project based learning, inquiry projects, and collaboration between students this topic is great.  I did run into a problem because my school does not use Google Docs and my students do not have email.  It has been limiting my options and continued to do so as I checked out the ideas on the topic.  I did find a few things I am excited to use.

I loved TitanPad!  I can’t wait to use it with my students this week.  I think they will love it.  I like that they do not have to have an email to log on to it.  I think it would work great for responding to a reading when doing differentiated levels in class.  Each group could have a different pad to be sharing responses.  I think students that don’t participate as much will be lured in by the multi-colored response pad.  Technology always seems to excite even the most reluctant learner.

I found Popplet to be very engaging for elementary students.  I plan to use it on the SmartBoard to collaborate together to make popplets.  They can be used for a reading response, to categorize information and to reflect after a lesson.  I am hoping to get accounts for my students next year so they can make their own popplets.

I was intrigued by Stormboard.  I thought it would be great for students to respond to a topic or reading, especially if they needed to categorize their answers or thoughts.  After investigating and playing with it I established an educator account.  I then discovered that for my students to participate in my storm they had to establish an account using – you guessed it – an email address! How frustrating! Oh well.


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